Is the Nikkor 16-85mm overrated?

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Re: Is the Nikkor 16-85mm overrated?

The values here are decent distortions, good CA control and very good border (and corner) sharpness plus quite flat field at landscape distances. And those 16mm of uwa capability. One just has to control the dof well for corner sharpness.

Its VR ll works well, the build is good, quite a compact lens for what it is. And it’s capable of good sharpness in 16-40mm range and is decent in 50-85mm. Quite a workhorse, gets the job done. Nothing much overrated I could see even on the gear forums. Just a good, useful lens.

A time ago, I thought the dx is in a developing phase and I saw probable that Nikon will improve this design with added speed or f4 constant, better bokeh, and a bit of sharpness, especially in the 40-85mm range. I am sure Nikon can do better and can make lens of a better design that is more versatile and interesting.

Not sure where Nikon is heading with the dx though for me to be talking about lenses. Also rather confidently presented information about high-end dx compact coming soon pops out over at NR site. Though again, something odd about the way it is presented. But that as a side note.

17-55. There are great differences between their designs I think and similar with the dimensions and build. Different ranges. VR. I’d prefer 16-85 largely for landscape type and the 17-55 more as an event lens and for a use with flash. I don’t think 16-85 successor would be expensive, among others because Sigma offers the fast new and good 17-70 OS and 17-50 OS lenses.

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