Sigma dp3m short impressions

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Re: Sigma dp3m short impressions

Raist3d wrote:

To my incredible surprise a friend of mine, that we have been both chiding each other about who will get a sigma dp Merrill first called me for a coffee and showed me the impossible- A sigma dp3m right in front of me. He revealed his secret- he just ordered it last Tuesday from Sigma ditectly and got it yesterday.

So a couple of impression from playing with it a scant ten minutes:

- lens seems sharp & good with nice bokeh

- manual focus ring feels real nice. Wasnt expecting that. Has enough resistance to feel "class" but not too much. I find it very nice.

- close up/macro distance is nice. Not super super macro but its nice.

- overall buttons feel "sturdy enough" that they don't feel bad but decent

- image quality - didnt shoot much but seems obviously good with color reproduction akin to what I remember my dp2. (Iso 100). Did not see any weird color artifacts that were obvious to me in the shots I tried. Makes me wonder for aps plot secoi luff Signa had a chance to improve the low level pipeline for it or even the sensor tolerances (hard to tell with not so many shots).

- iso 1600 color (dayligh and shade ) looks O-K

- iso 3200 makes a leap to not much good at all. Could still use b&w

- iso 6400 in color was pretty horrible and b&w was bad (less horrible but still bad)

All conditions in good daylight with a mix of light and shade.

At the end I was right : Colors are, so far, more adjusted than other merrill sensors and I think it is partly due to the lens. Can't wait Monday to have my DP3

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