WX300 launched as world's smallest 20x zoom camera

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Re: WX300 launched as world's smallest 20x zoom camera

Marti58 wrote:

i dont think a SZ with APS-C sensor or whatever will follow soon if ever, they just launched the HX300.

but as always we wont know untill it happens.

There is an incompatibility of APS-C with true superzoom cameras like the HX300.  As soon as you put in that big a sensor in the camera optical requirements give you no choice but to make the superzoom huge (and I do mean huge) to preserve the long zoom range. And the point of this family of cameras is the zoom range, particularly at the long end, with only modest size increases. Shortening the zoom range to keep the size of lens practical is not the way to go here.

The HX200v produces quite good images with it's small sensor and I expect that the HX300 will probably provide some incremental improvement on that. This would be especially true if Sony just does not apply such huge compression to the JPEGs, making the goal to eliminate the current level of JPEG artifacts.  If that's done, there will be no need for going to APS C and we can benefit from improvements in lens technology for smaller sensors.

So I'm much more interested in real practical improvements for the IQ of small sensor superzoom cameras.  It's a class of cameras that has great potential if not ruined by those with closed minds about what's possible.

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