Windows 8 - UGH! What were they thinking?

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Re: Windows 8 - UGH! What were they thinking?

Tan68 wrote:

Using the term 'swap file' instead of 'page file' or 'virtual memory' dates you...

Which means I understand what computers are doing compared to computers now where you don't need to know anything about computers to use them.  I installed components when you had to set up their settings for IRQ, etc. in the config.sys and autoexec.bat then came Plug 'n' Play, etc. and now video, audio, ethernet, wifi are all builtin to the motherboard eliminating all that hassle.

For my browsing computer, I disabled the swap drive. Mainly because I could. I often have too many tabs open (2.8GB of Firefox)

You are doing something wrong if Firefox is taking up 2.8 GB of ram, even on a 64 bit computer.  The largest my firefox might get is 300 MB.  Maybe  you are loading videos or something.

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