K-01 -- best APS-C IQ for $1000 less?

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Re: K-01 -- best APS-C IQ for $1000 less?

jon404 wrote:

Just looked at the Fuji X-E1 review. A nice camera, but. Looks like the Fuji X-E1 has nowhere near the image quality as the Pentax K-01 --

Did you ever think that is it Adobe's ability to recode Fui's image sensor data?  I think that is the issue with the look of the E1. Note DPR's statement is Adobe's candidates show much improved conversion of Fuji's image sensor data but that doesn't mean it is up to the quality of conversion from standard cameras like Canon and Nikon.

And if you look in the comparison tool the T3i is on the same level as IQ as the k01. Something seems off in the test images for the T4i which is why I don't state that one since it's essentially the same camera as the T3i.

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