Samsung NX20 (APS-C) High ISO Noise "Issue"

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Re: Samsung NX20 (APS-C) High ISO Noise "Issue"

Usee wrote:

A hint with a possible explanation:

I would guess that some of the things You describe could be due to (in camera) lens correction - in this case maybe vignetting, beside loss of light correction due to (many) lens elements.


...well, forget JPG - better try ACDSee Pro, Capture One, Lightroom, or something in conjunction with Your Samsung...

...have a look, how ISO3200 @ 16MP can look like (NX1000 downsized):

ISO3200, NX1000 @ 16 MP for comparison

...not bad in comparison to other cameras if compared at the same true ISO instead of the manufacturer claimed ISO and at the same size. 

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I agree -- I shoot in raw only then correct.  But I keep seeing these "Samsung high ISO noise" comments and they are simply incorrect, at least regarding the sensor.

At high ISO, raw images are of the same quality to that of an Sony NEX-7, and low ISO a bit better.

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