Thinking about jumping back into m4/3

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Stupid or Foolish?

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jalywol wrote:

I had a defective GH2 which front focused. After having the camera for a few days, during which time the problem grew progressively worse, I finally did some test shots that showed it really, indeed, did have a problem, and called Panasonic about it.

I'm not buying this either.

I can't see how a CDAF system can "back focus" or "front focus".

It focuses at the plane of the sensor itself so it can't "badk" or "front" focus as those terms are conventionally used.

They had me return it for replacement. The replacement was perfect.

So, yes, it is ENTIRELY possible you had a defective camera or lens, and yes, you should try another one.


What is there to not buy? It happened. I took photos, including a set using of a ruler and graph paper. The focus area was consistently in front of the focus point used during the shot. It got worse over the week I had the camera. The replacement was spot on, and never had any problems.

These are complex mechanical and electrical devices. If there is an alignment error in the focus points software or hardware, or a small electrical glitch in the hardware, then why couldn't this cause a front or back focus situation?

Just because you don't think something can happen, given your understanding of a particular situation, does not mean there aren't other factors that can, indeed, cause things to not work the way they are supposed to. Sometimes you should really just sit back a take things at face value, and give other people some credit for perhaps knowing at least as much as you do, and perhaps even more. You might learn something in the process.


it's just my oppinion.

Tedolph, you just want the world to agree with your vision of it, and when it doesn't, you stamp around like a pouting, nasty, spoiled two year old child, who then dons an angel's halo and hides behind his Momma's skirts and goes "who, me" when someone calls you on it?


Do us all a favor and post a little less, be a little nicer, and can the pomposity.

Look, you have me at a disadvantage.

If you want to have dialy posting limits (a good idea) then add them to the Rules.

I am not going to get into an agrument with a Moderator.

I may be a fool but I am not stupid.



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