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Re: nozzle check Epson 3880

Ursula Freer wrote:

Danny Michael wrote:

I live in Tucson, AZ, so I guess you could say I live in the desert. I have never had the need for doing nozzle checks on my 3880. My 9880 is a different story as it's heads clog constantly. Hey, whatever works for you, I just don't see the need. May I ask how many times has a nozzle check shown you problem? Do you have a problem with your printer clogging heads?

I got the printer a couple of months ago and tried to print once a week. But the matte black clogged so badly that even regular cleaning did not help! It works now.

If I know I will be churning out prints on a daily basis for weeks on a particular printer, I will not run a nozzle check. It is just as a measure of maintenance when you are NOT running the printer/s daily and then I will print one every one or every other week. That power it off to park the head on the docking station.

Again, you all do what works best for you. The 3880 and 3800 as the Canon 9000 and 9500 MKIIs can go for weeks without a single nozzle clogging. So it all depends on you printer and your environment as well as even the type of paper you rum through the printer.

Fine art fiber papers need to be pre-cleaned to remove any fibers or loose surface particles before printing. The dust they produce can reduce the life of your print head.


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