nozzle check Epson 3880

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Re: nozzle check Epson 3880

Danny Michael wrote:

I live in Tucson, AZ, so I guess you could say I live in the desert. I have never had the need for doing nozzle checks on my 3880. My 9880 is a different story as it's heads clog constantly. Hey, whatever works for you, I just don't see the need. May I ask how many times has a nozzle check shown you problem? Do you have a problem with your printer clogging heads?

Never on my 3800 but you have to realize I maintain over 15 printers from 13" and up.

It simply tells me there is a problem before I commit to running a print that will cost me $5 and up. A few dead nozzles will usually not show up as a problem on a print. I need to know ALL my nozzles are firing correctly.

To each his own.

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