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mwellsg wrote:

I've been using Epson Exhibition Fiber paper to make my prints (13x19 and 17x22) on an Epson 3880. I like the color response with that paper. However, I have lately experienced a rash of white flaking on my prints. Upon close inspection many sheets of the Epson paper are flawed. Small dark spots, depressions, luster absent,... I had to do a reprint for a customer last night and went through 5 sheets of paper before I found a good one.

I'll deal with Epson. But maybe I should be looking at other soft luster, wide gamut, good weight papers. Seeking feedback on what others use.


I wipe off each sheet of Epson Exhibition Fiber with a micro-fiber cloth and then blow with a hair dryer on cool,  before printing and it seems to reduce/eliminate any white spots.  I also really like the EEF and have not found a substitute paper so far, but I haven't tried all papers that are available.  It would be nice if someone posted that they acutally found a great substitute for EEF regarding color gamut, gloss, texture, and feel.

Bob P.

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