Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

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Unless I misunderstand your type of photography, I would disagree. One of 4/3rds best potential was a compact robust kit that had incredible reach. The fact that Oly never developed proper long lenses does not mean it was not possible. Many people, myself included, feel that Oly really shot themselves in the foot by stopping at 300mm.

Imagine a weather sealed compact f4 500mm lens combined with up-to-date sensor technology (the D300s has a similar DxO response as the EM-5 which dates the sensor technology) and a reliable fast focus system that was capable of competitive CAF. Oly drivers would have been laughing.

My point is that just because Oly didn't do it doesn't mean that 4/3rds didn't have the potential.

As an aside, the E400 with kit lenses is about the same size as the GH2 + kit lens. Oly was there years ago! They just screwed up in some critical areas.

Tim the squandered potential of using the strengths of the smaller cropped sensor ( Why do we have so many equivalence trolls on this forum)  has been a lament of mine for years. Shooting long lenses and macro for wild life has been the one area where the system could have been marketed. My angst now is I need to upgrade my lenses. I use a bigma and a 50-200/ec14/ec20 combo its ok but could be a lot better.

The next step is a 90-250 f/2.8 or a 300 f/2.8. There is no ways I will even contemplate buying a second hand lens at the moment never mind a new one. If Olympus showed a direction which included working samples of a camera that these lens would function as well if not better than the current DSLR's I would probably buy a lens (Although I can't afford one but that's the banks problem. ) Macro wise I am OK as I have the 35mm and the Sigma 105 which works well. So Until there is some solid commitment and not rumors I will not be buying any Olympus equipment. ( I have a hell of a lot at the moment in any case.)

As to the sigma pulling out the sales where not high. But then for that we can blame the Olympus Lens snobs on this site and others who trashed anything that was Sigma even if there was no Olympus equivalent and the lens was very good (these snobs have subsequently buggered off to another system.) . Sigma got a bad undeserved rap on this forum it was Olympus HG/SHG or the highway . I still own 3 sigmas the 105 , 135-400 and the 50-500 of all those lenses only the 135-400 is a bit week in some areas (But it was a cheaper lens) . I am or was hunting for a 150 but they are like hens teeth but that is also on hold.

Olympus is a very geographically inwards looking company as to camera trends IMO . Remember the pole on a 400mm f/5.6 ( Which maxed in about a day with a nearly unanimous request for a 400mm lens. DPR took questions from us on this forum to Olympus at a trade show. When the Olympus person was asked about that type of lens the person replied " Why make one as we don't think any one will buy one. " This was in the E-510/520/ E-3 heyday where Olympus was in 3rd position behind the 2 giants. It did not fit there local market so why do it.

Olympus screwing up 4/3 was not only due to a poorly behaving sensor but IMO decisions or the lack of decisions and foresight to look at the bigger picture. They seem to be back/still in in that mold with m4/3.

I think IMO if Olympus had released a 400mm HG lens and the 100mm Vaporware macro they would have plugged a major gap in the system and things could have been different . There was/is always something missing in the Olympus systems. Olympus's reply to the long lens issue was "EAT CAKE". ( 90-25/200 , At least you got a lens hood)

I do not want to  to change systems as I like my equipment but I need to upgrade my lenses which can be very expensive with the current situation I will wait. Gear lust is a minor part of the equation.


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