Would you buy a used D600 with Battery Grip for $1500?

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Re: Moot Point....I missed out! ;-(. What did you expect- a deal to wait for you to consult here?

Nikonfan99 wrote:

T O Shooter wrote:

Al Giordano wrote:

The joker who I made the deal with sold it to someone else before I could get there so I missed out on the deal.

I wonder if it was an Omen??? I guess I can wax philosophical.

As I said in my first post, when a deal comes along you have to jump on it. That was a great deal and you missed it. Forget the yahoos on here with the doom and gloom "robbed at gunpoint", "dust and oil", "no warranty" and all that other bs. Probably old men who are afraid to leave the seniors complex:)

Oh really? yahoos? People get ripped off and ROBBED during such high money and even low money transactions all the time. You think it is unheard of? I was posting for the OP'S safety sake to meet at a PD to make the purchase.....care to google craigs list and robbery...I did it for you


You going to argue dust and oil too. Very funny.


I am not old and in a home. People that would take $1,200 cash to go meet with a stranger in a unsafe place for a product that could be stolen for which they have no warranty for may be the ones that need the help.

Well your old amd not in a home. Big deal. Where do you live,; in a freakin' ghetto. I never said warranty was transferrable. I said you can get it. The fellows with the "holier than thou" attitude on accessing the warranty are probably the same fellows that don't mind driving with a few too many beers, and a whole bunch of other don'ts far, far worse. I typically don't get into debates with fellows that run up their post count with mindless drivel, but some days you're bs is a bit much. Continue on if you wish, but it's my last visit to this thread. Wonderful how that works, isn't it?!

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