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Ursula Freer wrote:

Rkelac wrote:

Wow! Just finished my first panorama print on Red River Aurora White roll paper. I cut off a 17x36 piece, fed it into the rear manual feed input (inside of the curl up, printer took the paper first try), put the sheet feeder extensions up to limit the curl on the paper going into the feeder, and it printed fine. The 1/4 inch margin was maintained over the entire print so there was no skewing.

Next time I'll try with the curl down. It might be easier to handle the paper. (I imagine that one-sided paper is coated on the inside of the roll, so I guess that usually the curl is up in printing from roll paper. Is this correct?) This time I printed on the inside of the curl because there were some marks on the outside of the roll. Shouldn't be a problem now that I'm past that section.

I tried printing with the curl up and it got pretty scary as the printer started making strange noises and the edges of the paper came out saturated with ink! I'll never try that again!

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If the curl at the leading edge corners is excessive, the printer head will physically will strike the paper surface which causes what you expereinced.

Bes thing to do it make 100% sure you leading and trailing edges are free of curling and are flat.

By the way head strikes are not to healthy to the print head surface.

RR has panorama pre cut sheets which will be nice and flat.


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