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I'm still holding the S5is and an SX10is, and expressed the view I don't need another "sunny day" zoomer. While my go to camera is the SX10, I still take out the S5 on overcast days. You might try the exercise of comparing the effect of zoom range on S3 and SX50 maximum aperture - the "trigger points" for closing the aperture tell you a lot about available shutter speed and what's possible for the camera in available light, especially since a tripod may not help with subject action:

Canon TELEPHOTO Av limits
Focal S5is SX10is Ix300
28mm n/a f/2.7 f/2.0
35mm f/2.7 f/3.2 f/2.8
40mm f/2.8 f/3.2 f/3.2
50mm f/3.2 f/3.5 f/4.0
70mm f/3.2 f/4.0 f/4.5
80mm f/3.5 f/4.0 f/5.0
100mm f/3.5 f/4.5 f/5.6
180mm f/3.5 f/5.0 n/a
432mm f/3.5 f/5.0 n/a
480mm n/a f/5.7 n/a
560mm n/a f/5.7 n/a

These are my approximations but you can see going from 100mm out to 432mm (same as your S3) at f/3.5 is a real difference from the newer models with slower lenses - I wish Canon specs or more review sites would provide this information.

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