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Re: nozzle check Epson 3880

Ursula Freer wrote:

Danny Michael wrote:

I think the big question is, why are you doing nozzle checks? Shouldn't need to do that unless you suspect a clogged nozzle, which is rare on this printer.

If you live in a desert area where the humidity can go down to 8% you need to pay attention and avoid clogged nozzles. On the other hand I have a friend in San Francisco who printed without having to deal with a nozzle check after storing the printer for five years!

Sure. Miliage may vary when it comes to individual printers and humidity levels.

Printing without a previous nozzle check which use an almost unmeasurable amount of ink, so I don't understand why anyone would be against running one, specially when shoosing high quality will very likely not show you that you indeed have a few nozzles NOT firing. Only the Nozzle check will do that. Sometimes the missfiring nozzles will clear themselves out after several prints but they may not.

But if you do not want to run them, that is your choice, just I would not recommend doing so.

It is the same as not ever getting a medical check up just becuase you feel fine.

LAst night I did my 15 printers, reusing the same sheet of paper for each 4 nozzle checks. ALl were perfect except for one of my R1900s. Had I simply ran a print on $7 a sheet paper, I would have been out $7. I am using OCP inks on that printer and it is about 3 cents per ml so the cleaning cycle that I had to run to get everything back to normal must have cost me about 3 cents. Much better than $7.


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