Purple flare: Causes and remedies

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Adding the polarizer to the light source?

Anders W wrote:

I have now tried to make the first of the two types of flare, that from light sources just outside the frame, extend diagonally rather than vertically by tilting the camera. But ... this simply doesn't work. The purple streak always appears vertically within the frame even with the camera tilted right or left. So in this respect, the two kinds of flare behave in exactly the same column-row-like manner.

I would like to have some "nice" purble blobs of some other kinds to play with but this doens't seem to be all that easy to accomplish with lenses other than the 7-14, which in turn has some compatibility issues with the polarizer.

Could you work around that by applying the polarizer to the light source? For the spotlight on your ceiling that might not be easier than adding it to the 7-14 mm but maybe you find a light source where adding the polarizer would be easier.

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