Any possible chance of doing something with this?

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Thank you...

Many thanks to the people who have taken the time to try to help me and there are some great ideas there that I hadnt thought of for me, as I had food poisoning for most of the trip, it has helped to record one of the best moments for me as it was a very special experience, and I had no idea if anything could be done with the photo.

Regarding the tigers - I had a lot of reservations about visiting tiger temple as I am a huge big cat lover. I dont like seeing animals restrained or harmed in anyway. At another place I saw tigers being treated very cruelly and being rapped with sticks to get them to corporate for the tourists which really upset me.

We ended up on a tour which included this place - the tigers appeared to be treated much better. At this point it was about 3pm and about 33 degrees C so the tigers were sleepy. They were chained but they werent being hit or abused to perform for the tourists from what i experienced. There was an opportunity to have a photo with the tiger on your lap - it was a once in a lifetime experience and rightly/wrongly I paid to do it. Just after this the tigers began to start getting restless - the guides/carers immediately shut the area down for the tigers to go play in the water nearby and led everyone back to the exit to keep them safe. There were other tigers in an enclosure that were definately not "drugged" playing in the water which was lovely to see.

I understand that some find this extremely cruel and unacceptable - however according to the sanctuary (if you beleive them) which is run by buddist monks, the tigers are "pets" that got to large for their owners or have no where else to go... I'd prefer to go to here to see them anytime then see them outrightly hit as I have done elsewhere.

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