Purple flare: Causes and remedies

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TORN wrote:

Yes, I feared we would agree on that. In practical terms I rarely have an issue when using the 20 or 45 or at least I have options to slightly change the angle but since the 7-14 is my most used lens the flare is rather frustrating. Right now there are 2 hopes for me in mft-Land:

1. E-M5 MK II has a different sensor
2. Gx2 arrives soon and has a tilt display

I guess both cases are pretty unlikely.

Hard to tell though one might hope that awareness of the problem is increasing among the manufacturers. As to the GX2, the question is not only whether it has a tilt display but also whether the sensor has purplish tendencies or not. While it seems that most/all Panasonics up to the G5 do not have this problem, I am not sure about the GH3, which in all likelihood has the same sensor (same silicon) as the E-M5 but possibly a different filter stack. And it seems likely that the GX2 will have the same sensor as the GH3.

Some time ago I used the 20 and 45 to take a picture of a burning candle. Interestingly both showed a star in 4 directions outwards from the flame in nice purple.

Yes, that's the, by now, familiar pattern shown by the second of my two series of test shots.

The 20 added some banding as well. Ok I was able to work around that in the end (which often is not possible with the 7-14) but do you really want to do this in 2013 with some 2500 Euro equipment? Actuallx right now I am not sure.

None of us would really like to work around things like these. On the other hand, purpleness of one kind or another seem to plague more than one system/manufacturer at the moment.

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