Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

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Re: If I was betting.....

my preference would be at least smaller/lighter as the E-3/E-5 while retaining the splash/dust/stifness of the body. Do not care much how it looks like. Every body has its quirks. Again no issue if it is done in the E-5 body.

A sensor of at least OM-D level, hopefully a tad better

A shutter/mirror silent mode with a reasonable usable liveview with magnification (the main reason why a m43 is still interesting for me.

Prefer to have an on board flash (because that is the one you never forget). but i can live without if needed.

Prefer a dedicated body instead of a m43 with an adapter, but again i can live with that combo.

All the performance and functionality of the E-5, period, else it is a no go...

On the wish list, which will make me run a bit faster but will definitly not prevent the not buying.

All the possible artsiefartsie stuff of the OM-D

in Camera HDR, Panorama stitching (in 2 dimensions, like a matrix 2x2 2x3),

gps, bt, wifi,

in camera charging.

C-AF performance up to that of Canon,

Canon DEP,

the auto calibrate function for lenses sounds nice also.

By the way an external charger which can handle usb as a power source would be damn nice with all those powerpacks sold for cheap... And make that multifunction so it can charge AAA

What could stop me dead in my tracks from buying a new 43 body asuming it is there end of the summer next year. (it is going to be to late for my summer holiday anyhow)... well uh a OM-D-EM7 with some true fast HG m43 12-60swd 50-200swd or possbily a 14-150swd would definitely create a stunningly capable and very compact and light travel kit. would not mind trading down to that...

grinn it sounds like it is going to be an expensive christmas...

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