Purple flare: Causes and remedies

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Re: Adding another aspect

Yes, I feared we would agree on that. In practical terms I rarely have an issue when using the 20 or 45 or at least I have options to slightly change the angle but since the 7-14 is my most used lens the flare is rather frustrating. Right now there are 2 hopes for me in mft-Land:

1. E-M5 MK II has a different sensor
2. Gx2 arrives soon and has a tilt display

I guess both cases are pretty unlikely.

Some time ago I used the 20 and 45 to take a picture of a burning candle. Interestingly both showed a star in 4 directions outwards from the flame in nice purple. The 20 added some banding as well. Ok I was able to work around that in the end (which often is not possible with the 7-14) but do you really want to do this in 2013 with some 2500 Euro equipment? Actuallx right now I am not sure.

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