Can't find tele-converter on SX50

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Re: Can't find tele-converter on SX50

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I have read the owners manual for the SX50 and it tells me that there is a setting to activate the tele-converter, It shows that in the menu I should be seeing a camera icon next to the tool menu, but I am seeing an arrow in its place. Scrolling down that arrow menu or any other menu does not give me any settings for the tele-convertor. What am I doing wrong?

It is a little more complicated than the other posters imply: On page 146 of the manual it explains that raw photo mode (and jpg plus raw) disables the digital zoom modes including digital teleconverter. On page 266&7, the chart shows that digital teleconverter (which is set from the digital zoom menu item) is only available for M, Av, Tv and P modes.

So, 1) you need to find the camera icon in the menus, 2) be in one of the four modes that permits the digital TC, and 3) you must not have enabled raw (or raw +jpg).


Correct, but the OP's question was about finding the camera icon, which represents the shooting menu. The shooting menu is only visible/available when in shooting mode. In playback mode the shooting menu is replaced by the playback menu, with an arrow icon.

The subject of her post was "Can't find tele-converter on SX50" and that objective is what I addressed. Knowing how to get the camera icon was insufficient.

I simpathized because I found it difficult to find the TC setting when I first tested it out in spite of knowing how to find my way to the camera icon. Why? Because in discussing the TC setting the manual failed to explicitly say that it's on the digital zoom menu and that is only enabled when you are in M, Av, Tv or P mode, and even then only when you have disabled raw shooting.


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