Tell us: your worst cities in the world for photography?

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Re: Tell us: your worst cities in the world for photography?

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I've been to Buenos Aires and Marrakech and didn't experience what you describe. (I was in Marrakech a couple of days after the 2011 terrorist attack on a cafe and have some photos of that.)

I've only ever felt slightly uncomfortable in Barcelona,

Can you please explain what was the issue in Barcelona as I will visit the place in July? Also any advice will be welcomed.

I have been to Barcelona twice. Once I was successfully pickpocketed -- lost my wallet-- despite being careful, and several more times I had attempts made on my camera, even a pocketable camera.

Barcelona is a world center for pickpocketing. The best pickpockets in the world come to Barcelona and they are amazingly skilled. Geniuses at pickpocketing, and also at grap-and-run thefts. For example some are children working singly or in groups, some are Gypsies who usually work in groups, including Gypsy women carrying infants, some are young men fast on their feet, and incredibly, some are pairs of very well dressed apparently upper middle class women. If the MacArthur Genius Grants were given to pickpockets, the winners would be in Barcelona.

Barcelona is a wonderful city for atmosphere, art, architecture and history, friendly people, fine restaurants, excellent museums, but be careful. Search the web for videos on pickpocketing in Barcelona.


At what time in the late afternoon it would not be recommended to walk with any bag with a camera?

Most of the grab and run thefts are not viciously violent, they just snatch your camera from where  you are sitting in a cafe, though there are exceptions.

I don't think time of day is crucial except perhaps after dark in the wrong sections of the city. Purses and camera bags are often grabbed. Avoid beggars, who are often pickpockets or grabbers.

Tourist attractions, like the Sagrada Familia cathedral, and the Park Guell, are very popular with pickpockets, as is the subway.

I would carry the camera bag in front of me rather than on my shoulder, if possible. It is a good idea to use a bag that does not look like a camera bag.

A pocketable camera is good if you keep a hand in that pocket in risky places like Las Ramblas.

I carry a Canon G12 or G1X which has a fixed zoom, so the camera bag is very small indeed, and for the G12 is pocketable.

If you need to carry stuff with you, I recommend the PacSafe VentureSafe or MetroSafe travel packs, which are reinforced with steel mesh and steel wires, so they can't be slashed by a thief.

Pickpocketing used to carry only a fine, but now that Barcelona has made it a jail offense, things may improve.

Hope this helps.


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