Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

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Re: Around and Around and Around.

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A true honest business person will say to there client "Sorry but we are not supplying that product any more " and not keep them hanging on . " This is what we have to offer." . I have had to do it before and still have those clients that use us for other things and did not boot my bum out the door. Actually with if I equate the silence from Olympus they ( My clients) would have kicked by bum out the door. Olympus are stretching the limits of customer loyalty as regards 4/3. For my type of photography I should probably not have got into Olympus , but 4/3 is usable with its limitations for what I do. m4/3 it not usable. I keep on hearing these things will come to m/43 (So will the second coming and the 100mm Macro.) , but we nearly had it all ( 4/3) and are now being black balled. So for me they are going backwards. (They have lost a pony in the dog and pony show)

That said I will still probably be around for awhile as I am to financially challenged to swap systems. I like my 4/3 equipment but If I won the lotto Olympus at this stage might not see me for dust.    .....

I agree that Olympus ought to have been less intentionally ambiguous about their future with FTs. However, having stopped thinking about developing new lenses for the system and Sigma walking away gave us some solid indication of future intentions a couple years ago, only to have all those ambiguous announcements by a a variety of Olympus 'representatives' leaving us us where we are today.....

For my part I've considered change but recently found a used Sigma 105mm macro lens (which with only little use I assume is an acquired taste) so I'll stick around at least until next winter when I sit around watching birds and cursing the fact that I have to give up as the sun goes toward the horizon or the overcast skies deepen – just what the birds are waiting for to come out and get that last meal. Then I'll again crave a better sensor and that 300mm f/4 lens (the 2.8 is too big and cost more than I'll invest in bird watching.) … Actually, I'll probably still be here at the next photokina, as I have a great propensity to procrastinate....

(I actually think that mFT might find a niche with close-up/macro photography if they provide the tools. I prefer the EVF , no mirror lockup/LV, and through the view finder magnification. I'll probably test how the 105 works as a MF lens with mFT.)

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