Luv my Canon EF 24mm f/1.4L II lens EXCEPT for starscapes

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Re: Maybe we could agree to disagree

Schwany wrote:

Henrik Herranen wrote:

Schwany wrote:

It's not a good lens for this task wide open. Personally, I would not use it wide open in the starry night sky scenario. That may be because I like to be contrary, or because I know it's a bad idea with this lens. I don't think stopping it down would solve the issues this lens has at the edges of a full frame, but it might improve the odds for a better capture.

Why do you think stopping down wouldn't help? The very first post in this thread shows coma decreases when stopping down to f/2.0, and vanishes completely by f/2.8.

I'm talking about aberration (pick the correct type) in general,

I honestly don't know of which aberrations I should pick from. If you have a claim to make, please make it, and don't keep us guessing what you might or might not mean

Of course, if you just intend to "be contrary" as you said yourself, then you've succeeded.

which is pronounced with this lens and doesn't go away even at f8 if an edge is distinctly sharp and contrast is high enough. I personally don't worry about the coma thing, since I don't photograph stars. And, I can see purple edges on the stars at f5.6 in the example. Maybe it's caused by my eye glasses.

The condescending "eye glasses" part was uncalled for.

I do see purple edges in the example image, but I've not seen such a phenomenon while using my own lens (when I still had it). I don't know where that weirdness comes from.

Auroras are not bright stars on a black background, so I don't get the connection in this discussion, other than you use the lens at night. I can see the 24f/1.4L II being good for auroras, because they are soft and flowing without a lot of high contrast.

The connection is that if you shoot auroras, you invariably also get stars. Granted, if I'd shoot starscapes more, I'd might also be bothered more by coma. Perhaps.

My current night sky favourite, despite its slowness, is the Samyang 14 mm f/2.8 ED AS IF UMC. Its corners are excellent even wide open, and perfectly coma free, as shown here. And it gives a really, really wide field of view, too, allowing for relatively long exposures without star trails.

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- Henrik

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