Pls colour-correct this

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Re: Pls colour-correct this

Many thanks to all who took time to help me out.

Actually I took this photo (and many others) in Neelum Valley of Kashmir in 2005 on an early Nikon DSLR which was not so good on white balance. Even though this day was very hazy with fairly bad weather, the other pics on different days had a warm tendency as well. I was not trying to get a particular look, its just  that this photo and others do not reflect what I saw there with my own eyes.

The Nikon gave me no end of grief and eventually I got rid of it after paying £160+ for a mirror repair. That was my nightmare with a camera for which I paid £1500 at the time. Jumped ship to Cannon after that.

My monitor is calbirated with a Spyder.

Again. thanks to all.

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