Purple flare: Causes and remedies

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TORN wrote:

Very interesting read. As you might know I am on the fence of leaving mft due to this issue with the 7-14, my main lens.

I wonder if lenses play their part too in this. At least it might help to exclude this factor to get a more serious base for the theory. So precisely my question is, does Olympus do anything with their lenses to lessen the purple flare effect which Panasonic does not do with its lens range? Of course lenses render and flare differently but maybe some insight might be won if we compare similar focal length lenses from both brands on the E-M5 and have a look at how they handle the purple. 7-14 vs 12, 20 vs 17, 45 vs 45 come to my mind.

Unfortunately I do not have any pair of those and my E-M5 is in for repair but this could be an interesting test.

I think lenses play their part in this only in the sense that some of them are more prone to flare in general and/or to the kind of flare that leads to large angles of incidence when it hits the sensor (and therefore becomes purple). And no, I don't think Olympus does anything special with their lenses to prevent this. Note that the lens I used for my experiments in this thread was the Olympus 45/1.8.

I think it likely that the problems we now see with some lenses more than others, the 7-14 in particular (although there have been threads about similar problems with the 9-18) are due to oversights of one kind or another. They didn't test certain things carefully enough when the sensor was developed and/or there were serious trade-offs with other design objectives had they tried to do something about it.

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