Cheaper Prices on DPMs - What does it mean?

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Not the Yen...: Cheaper Prices on DPMs - What does it mean?

Well, I haven't seen the prices of the other Japanese cameras drop other than the Pentax MX-1 and it was only introduced over the past month or so.

For the Pentax, it just isn't selling that well.  Have a wander over to the Pentax forum and see the lack of activity there, and the Ricoh as well.

On the other hand, I haven't seen the Canon, Nikon or Sony prices falling, and also if forum activity is correlated with camera sales, then the new DPs just aren't selling that well.

Lets be frank, for the majority of snappy-happy "photographers, the Sigma DP Merrill is just too much effort.  The relatively poorer High (we're talking 800, 1600 here) ISO performance in low light is not one of its strengths.  In good lighting you're fine, but in less than optimal or low contrast, lets face it, you really have be put in a bit of effort to get good results, and not everyone enjoys using Sigma Photo Pro as much as we do....

I'm blessed or cursed with the DP2 and while I enjoy the output, most of the time its not my go-to camera just because "it is, what it is".

DP2 Merrill at US$1,000 was a bit much for me, given that I find the camera a bit restricted in usability.  At US$800 its tempting, I'll just need to see when and if the $800 pricing is going to be reflected in Hong Kong.

By the way, in Hong Kong the currency is "pegged" or fixed to the US dollar for years where 1$US = HK$7.8, so its definitely not the exchange rates causing the price drop.  Its some attempt to boost sales.

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