8MM - Share yours

Started Mar 1, 2013 | Discussions thread
TrapperJohn Forum Pro • Posts: 16,488
It's an interesting lens, isn't it?

8FE on 4/3 is a much milder effect that 8FE on FF, and I rather like that. It's more 'slightly suspicious' than 'really fishy'. Actually, if you keep straight lines off of the prime axes, it's more ultrawide than fisheye. For sure, the price is right these days.

Just one I caught recently... Nigel the puppy, getting curious about that black thing with the shiny circle in the middle that I was holding, and I had to move quickly to avoid getting the objective smeared with doggy snot. In this case, the fisheye effect isn't particularly pronounced on anything but straight lines - the edge of the house.

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