Epson R3000 not making me happy

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Re: Epson R3000 not making me happy

sambucadog wrote:

I purchased the R3000 several months ago and ran about 8 or 9 prints (8x10) just to sample various papers with the same image, no problems there except I noticed the ink tanks were showing a distinct dip. Didn't think much of it. I just went to use the printer again after about 2 months (doing house renovation) and it immediately started giving me problems.

First it would not fully feed in the front tray. I called Epson, after 20 minutes on hold, and close to an hour with a technician, we got the thing to feed (had to open it up and visually guide it) but then when I went to print it kept saying I had the wrong media type loaded. All settings were checked with him, tried printing in Lightroom, Photoshop and Windows with no luck. Then he told me to reboot the router, and while I was doing that, he hung up or I got disconnected. Tried calling back immediately but got a recording saying that they were closed. Thanks Epson.

So I went ahead and made a print even though it said the settings were wrong. Print came out horrid, colors all off to the point the print looked almost like a sepia tone. (Just calibrated monitor with Colormunki too). Then to top it all off, I notice my ink tank readings...all tanks were emptying at an alarming rate...some almost 1/2 empty after 10 prints!!!

What is going on here?!

When you print and your printer nozzles are firing perfectlyu and yet your colors are way off it means your settings are incorrect or your double profiling. So check that when printing out of LR or PS you are turning off color adjustment off on the MODE tab in your driver. Click on it and all the way dow it will say OFF. Choose that

Now you can tell LR or PS to allow it to print using a icc profile for the paper you are using.

In light room you choose the ICC on the far right on the printing module.

In PS you choose Let Photo Shop control color and then choose the ICC for you paper.

The Paper Choice in the printer driver has NOTHING to do with any icc profile. It simply sets paramenters for ink layment and thinkness of the paper as well as which black to the printer will use.

Concerning the apparent ink use.

The R3000 uses stationary carts attached with ong tubes to the head dampers. All of this has to be filled and primed with ink, as well as enough ink through the head and into the waste ink pads to insure that there is no air in the systrem. That uses at least 25% of the ink although the didplay does not show so you will will not have a heartt attack immediatelly upon setting it up. However it will drop rapidly to the correct level upon further use. Almost sneaks up on youl. Except for the inks used to initially flush the head, the rest is still available as it was what was used to fill up the tubes and dampers. On you next set of carts you will not see that anymore.

Since your printer sat idle it probably also ran a cleaning cycle when you resumed printing. SO MORE INK was used.

The good think is that unlike its sisters, the R3000 does not run arbitrary purges between ink cart changes. Only those that carry the carts of their printheads will normally do that.


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