Explain this to me about Lightroom 4...

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Re: Explain this to me about Lightroom 4...

You don't have to have, nor do you want, a "final" completely finished version of your original image. Your interpretation of that image may change as time passes. And a subsequent release of Lightroom could provide better processing with more detail and better dynamic range. This happened when Lightroom 4 was released.

All you really need to maintain is that original image. If a copy is needed for e-mail, or to send to a lab, or do post on the web, I export a copy for that purpose. When that purpose has been accomplished I will usually delete that copy because I don't need it anymore. Then, in the future, if I change the master image I only have one image to be concerned with.

I usually do any image browsing in Lightroom because it always shows my latest changes to the image. It's a different workflow to become accustomed to, I know. The first time I tried Lightroom I didn't like the idea and refused to use it for nearly 2 years. But now that I've adapted to the workflow I really like it\

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