Is Your Challenge Entry a Winner?

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Re: Is Your Challenge Entry a Winner?

OldArrow wrote:

The logic behind this is quite clear, since we all know that the most successful images are simple, and more times than not, the simplicity of those will produce also those interesting thumbnails. So it is possible to be drawn to an interesting thumbnail, open it, and find a well-made image, yes.

On the other hand, there are more cases where this wouldn't work so well. For instance, an image which shows fine tonal ranges, subtle detail and not much of strong graphic might appear dull in the thumbnail form, and reveals its richness only at maximum enlargement.

Consider a foggy meadow at sunrise. I wouldn't expect it to show a sensational thumbnail, but such work could well be the one to stare at for a long time, right? In the meantime, a contre-jour silhouette thumbnail of any bikini beauty might generate hundreds of clicks - and sometimes still prove to be a disappointment.

Two ways to avoid this would be,

- no possibility of voting on thumbnails,

- voting on all entries in a challenge.

The reason behind this:

- all entrants deserve proper evaluation of their works,

- no proper evaluation can be given if the works have not been looked at in the best possible mode,

- basic honesty of voting, from every aspect.

Forgive me, but you still seem to be missing my point.

2 questions:

- Should images be judged at max size/resolution?

- Is images with good thumbnails doing well evidence that people are judging from thumbnails?

My point is that these are two separate questions, and that it's possible for the answer to the first question to be yes, and the answer to the second question to be no. Indeed, from a logical perspective, the answer to the second question is no (it's not evidence, despite being consistent with this interpretation), because we cannot tell from the obseravtion whether it comes about because people are judging from thumbnails, or whether images that are judged highly at full size also look good as thumbnails. (ie A and B are related, but did A cause B, or B cause A?)

The first question is a matter of opinion, and I'm quite happy to accept yours as being much better informed than mine

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