Samsung could kill the competition in 2013

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Re: Samsung could kill the competition in 2013

tecnoworld wrote:

I just read that, along with nx300 availability in march, there could be the presentation of nx1100, nx30 and nx-r. If so, and especially if Samsung addressed the problems with performance and the partial issue of high iso noise (perhaps with a totally new sensor for the nx-r, which imho won't be ff, but just a high quality aps-c), then it could cover all the segments in the mirrorless market and win in them all, thanks to the great lens lineup.

What do you think?

Well, the NX300 generation is the first generation where they finally put a proper investment into their camera division; they wont be able to pull out anymore. I do hope they make a breakthrough, given their recent investment is bigger than the net worth of some companies...

Their task shouldn't be too difficult really, but the real world is a bit hard sometimes. I think the main thing is they need to blast the stigma against it being a consumer brand by releasing the full frame. This full frame mirror-less should provide:

  1. capability of a full frame DSLR equivalent, or better -> technically easy if the marketing team doesnt interfere too much
  2. Retaining the samsung control paradigm -> lets face it, the cameras have some of the most well thought out ergonomcis
  3. Size advantage -> to a limited extent, not compromising its ergonomics  
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