My calculation of how many megapixels large sensor cameras could have if they had P&S pixel density

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Re: you cant down sample raw - why not?

Kodachrome200 wrote:

Look you can claim this al you want But the best people at the top imaging companies have not been able to make this work. Only cannon has released something like this and tests have shown its nothing like a original raw. Trust me they know things you do not and they would love to make raw customizable. So far it hasnt been done successfully

Hey, there's no magic black box that these things are hidden in.  Anyone with the wherewithal can take RAW data and play with it, as I and others have done.  RAW is just 3 (or 4) B&W images, color-filtered.  The RAW color space does not vary when you geometrically resample these interleaved color planes.

I do this all the time, for special manual conversions.  The only thing you have to deal with that is out of the ordinary is that the color planes are not concentric; once you take this into account, then you are free to rescale the pixel counts.

In fact, if you are going for a lower pixel count than the original capture, downsampling Canon RAW data or the data of any manufacturer that leaves a positive offset to black in the RAW data keeps the shadows from getting strong color shifts due to non-linearly of black-clipped RAW data.

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