Disappointed with my 24-70 II.

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Re: The 24-70 II is a fabulous lens

Rick Knepper wrote:

DFPanno wrote:

Acquired my new lens on Thursday.

I have been shooting it back to back with my 24-105 (purchased in Feb. of 2012) and I just don't see a real difference.

Perhaps slightly sharper and slightly better contrast but nothing that would put a big smile on your face. Nothing that changes my overall impression or enjoyment of the image.

Perhaps I have a bad copy of the 24-70 or an exceptionally good copy of the 24-105 (or some combination therein).

I will go out again but I know that I have already decided to return it.

A nice lens but the extra stop is not worth the loss of range and IS (not to mention $2,300 when a good filter is included).

Disappointed as I was really looking forward to using it and enjoying an appreciable jump in IQ.

PS - All images viewed on a calibrated Eizo ColorEdge.

What were your shutter speeds?

More than adequate; base ISO.  Only variable was shutter speeds.

Did you test the 24-105 with the IS turned off?


Did you put the camera up on a tripod?


If you can find a scene location that acts like a flat wall (the entire frame at infinity), the difference will b1tch-slap you.

I can try this.

I would say the equivalent DoF for equal sharpness at the edges may approach two stops.

I am not seeing this at all but I will go out again this week before i make a final decision with regard to this copy.

Anecdote: I bought the 5D and 24-105 in 2005 and the first place I took them was the Grand Canyon. It was easy to find many ledges where the drop from the tip of the lens to the ground measured a quarter mile, IOW, the frame was all infinity, essentially the same DoF as a flat wall. When I got those gazillion pics home and viewing at 100%, discovered that there was a circle in the center that was fairly sharp but outside of that, varying degrees of softness deepening as it found the edges. Kind of describes every lens right? Except that the center circle of sharpness from this lens seemed very small and softening, once it was seen at 100%, was quite noticeable at print size.

One of the biggest problems about pixel peeping is that you are unwittingly training your eye to see or notice detail you wouldn't normally see or notice. Before long, I was seeing this softness at normal sizes in areas I believe should have still been sharp.

I was thrilled with FF but it was obvious that the 24-105, while it popped with color and contrast, wasn't the sharpest knife in the draw. I then embarked on an 8 year and $25,000 search for a sharp lens. I bought every Canon L series prime, nearly every Zeiss prime, several handfulls of Contax, Leica and Olympus primes which I adapted, and a variety of Canon and Nikon zooms.

Out of all of that. I have 5 WOW!! lenses. The Contax Zeiss 21mm, the Lecia R 28mm, TSE-17mm, Nikkor 14-24G & the 24-70 II.


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