SX50...not "the" camera?

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Re: SX50...not "the" camera?

glenncombs wrote:


I've suffered with your problem for many years, photographing dogs. They are very difficult subjects, even with good cameras. My experience is much less than 50% keepers; more like 10-20% keepers. But, you may do better, if you'll use higher ISO settings, permitting faster shutter speeds, even in good lighting that you mentioned that you typically have. Higher shutter speed is always in your favor on fast moving subjects, like dogs. So, of course the higher ISO will affect image quality a bit. (More noise, certainly) You can just use some noise reduction in post processing of those keeper shots.

A move to dlsr equipment works for some people, at the expense of hauling around a bigger camera, and the assortment of lenses. Not for me, anymore, with all of the good compacts. (All cameras have their limitations)

Try the higher ISO settings to get the shutter speed up, and use some noise reduction software, like Neat Image, or whatever you might prefer.


Thank you for your suggestion...will try that today. I took some shots yesterday and wasn't real impressed..but I left the ISO lower...

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