what lens for afocal astrophotography

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Re: what lens for afocal astrophotography

derdirk wrote:

PSCL1 wrote:

Yes, definitely forget the lens and just adapt the camera to the telescope.

I guess you all do not know the purpose of using a lens afocal: Higher Magnification.

If you shoot jupiter for instance with the Camera directly mounted to the Telescope, Jupiter will maybe be about 100 pixels wide in the picture. Using afocal photography, you will magnify the object as you will shoot through an eyepiece, providing higher magnification. Together with stacking images, you can shoot wuite some impressive images from your backyard of some of pir planets as well as high magnitude nebulae.

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you might find more info at cloudynights.com.

id do prime and use a telextender. The best planet photos ive seen are those that are stacked from an avi or movie of somesort. i think an afocal setup with mft would be difficult to setup and have the camera in front of the eyepiece while the telescope is tracking.

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