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MX-1 has three killer features...

Some here have suggested that the MX-1 doesn't have any unique features vs the competition like the G15, LX7 or XZ-2. IMHO, it's the combination of three features that make the MX-1 a standout:

1) Retro design with top/bottom brass plate. Perhaps Fujifilm did the retro thing first, but none of the above cameras have the retro charm of the MX-1. The LX7 is a nice looking camera, but the G15 and XZ-2 are sort of bland in terms of looks.

2) Lens, lens, lens. It's all about optics, and the MX-1's killer feature is the lens. It has a fast max aperture at both wide and telephoto and it's extremely sharp across the frame with no soft border or corners (see shot below from PopPhoto). Most ILC and DSLR kit lenses are f3.5-5.6. Such a fast zoom lens (28-112 f/1.8-2.5 with SR built into the body) simply doesn't exist on larger format cameras.

3) Tilt-able LCD - like the XZ-2 and P7700, the MX-1 offers a tilt-able LCD. This feature is huge for macro shooters, and with spring coming is one reason the MX-1 appeals to me. Fixed LCD cameras are back breakers for low to the ground work. Overhead shots with a fixed LCD? Forget it. It's just point and that you're subject is somewhere in the frame. The LCD is one of the main reasons I'm interested in the MX-1.

The zoom is tack sharp from border to border. And the fast max aperture coupled with the excellent high ISO ability makes the MX-1 tough to beat.

Edge to edge sharpness

Like the Ricoh GRD, I'm thinking the MX-1 is going to be an excellent shooter for street photography where the tilt LCD should also be useful for staying discrete.

Like the Camera Store MX-1 review mentioned in it's comparison against the G15, the MX-1's image doesn't get soft at high settings like the below image which look pretty crisp for an ISO 1600 JPEG (the DNG file will look even better). Don't know why PopPhoto is shooting ISO 1600 in daylight, but that's another topic.

And for macro photography, an area small sensor cameras with extremely close focus ability and tons of DOF excel, the MX-1 seems to do a great job. Low-angle macro shots like below couldn't be easier with an articulated or tilt-able LCD.

Anyway, for many, myself included, it's a combination of the lens, LCD, retro goodness, and Pentax's excellent Control Panel that make the MX-1 a great choice over some of the other more plain cameras G15 and XZ-2.

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