MX-1 DxOMark Test Up

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Re: Pentax's focus is Japan

marike6 wrote:

And it's all about that fantastic lens. Only the XZ-2 has a similar lens with good fastness at both ends (the LX7 lens only goes to 90mm, and the G15 lens is 140mm, but f2.8). Having owned the XZ-1, which has a similar lens (some say identical), it's one of the most outstanding lenses over in a compact, as sharp as any I've ever used.

I remember (from somewhere at the Olympus discussion forum) that that lens, while is perfectly sharp is prone to flare. What’s your experience?

Btw. regarding the brass top/bottom of the Pentax MX-1. Are the owner supposed to sand off the paining to reveal it, or the Pentax service will do that (for a small fee)?

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