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Re: Me too.. well not really!

You did it on this one. It's pretty common. Just making an observation of the observer, in this case.

I don't see it as discussion. It is a bunch of e-bullies trying to win an argument that is impossible to win. I don't constantly monitor the internet for opportunities for debate. A guy with over 10,000 posts who seems to be the most active one in a thread started to be snarky to begin with calling me arrogant? That is just plain funny.

You see? You're doing it again. Did you read the entire thread? How is being an active participant in the forum a bad thing? You're making assumptions and claiming it's funny. That's what is arrogant. Don't you see that? It wasn't "just plain funny." That remark is for effect, to add artificial credibility.

I don't know you. You're probably a nice guy. I was merely pointing out that people come in at the end, claiming they are the more reasonable observers and cast dispersions on the participants like calling them "e-bullies." Didn't you indeed do this? No great harm in it, but it's a bit cliche'd. You could have just come into the thread and made your reasonable post of your opinion without attempt to portray that rest of the participants as silly, bullies or whatever.

I'm not trying to be snarky in the least. I'm trying to have a reasonable discussion with you. If I say what you did seemed to be a bit arrogant, that's my perception, but it doesn't mean you're a bad person or wicked. I just means you came across as arrogant at the end of the thread. We all sometimes come across this way. I know I certainly do. I probably am now by calling you out on this behavior.

A lot of people argue this way. It's a bit like poisoning the well or strawman. Statements like "I laugh at your ideas," "I think you're silly," "I shake my private parts at you," I'm amazed at this nonsense," and so on are all fairly arrogant and not truly a useful part of any discussion. It's trying to portray a rational viewpoint amidst foolish people arguing, and that's just not true. Most of the people on both sides of this fence here are reasonable people with differing opinions. That's all. You've got your opinion as well and it's just as valid as the rest regardless on how it's presented.

I disagree with a lot of people on these forums from time to time and on various discussions, but I generally respect these guys and gals. Most here are really fun and engaging. I consider them mostly friends whether they do me or not. If we were all at a table in a pub, mostly we'd be laughing and having a good time, I think. I would.

Anyway. Sorry to raise your ire. As I said, I was doing the same thing by observing the observer. No big deal.  

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Cheers, Craig
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