Good external mic for Sony a57 video with SAM lens

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Re: Sony themselves have some nice stereo electrets

Im moved towards the opteka or the rode videomic... something that has good sound for speechs of the priest and the bride and groom in the church... for all other occasions what matters to me is isolating the camera SAM motor lens that has a medium to high pitch sound and quite a fast sound (the tamron is slow and low pitch). I also have a shoulder mount (the spider rig) and could mount one there but I prefer it in the camera for pratical reasons.

How about this one? I would love to have the cat fur wind cut and this one doesn´t have it.

Is this trustfull?It looks too cheap for such a quality.

By the way im a little worried that there would be hiss and noise since a57 doesn´t have audio manual control since it has AGC.

Some more that look good:

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