The Boulangerie...a Hopper-esque photo with E-M5

Started Feb 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP Beiklo Contributing Member • Posts: 972

Thank you again, Kewee  Yes, indeed, I did not so much want to copy Nighthawks as to imitate the contrasty  style. Since boulangeries are typically the first public businesses to open in the early morning in France, The warm inner scene against the cold dark exterior was a primary motif.

The framing was largely driven by the fixed focal length of the lens and the wish to exclude peripherally distracting objects. The heavy black awning serves the photo as a partially drawn shade or a partially open eyelid both enhancing the sense of early morning. And, as you suggested, it adds some mystery to an otherwise pleasant scene inside. I believe you see this scene much as I did.

Thanks again for your observations.


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