EC-14 (1,4x teleconverter) - Please help me out!

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EC-14 (1,4x teleconverter) - Please help me out!

I'm having an internal debate whether it would be worth the money for me to get the EC-14 teleconverter.

The lenses I would be using that converter with are:

* ZD35-100 : turning that lens from 35-100mm to 49-140mm

* ZD150: turning that lens from a 150mm prime to a 210mm prime

* ZD50-200: turning that lens from 50-200mm to 70-280mm

I am not really considering the EC-20 (2x converter), because of an extra stop of light loss and reported slight deterioration of IQ, while I understand the EC-14 creates no such loss of IQ.

The first two combos would be used for extended reach in low light situations (but the longest end of the 35-100 would end up being nearly identical to the 150 unextended, and one stop less bright because of the 1 stop loss through the teleconverter).  The 35-100 would become more versatile when more reach is needed, and the 150 just a longer prime.

I have almost convinced myself of the utility of those solutions, but their use is limited.

The third combo would be used to extend my telephoto reach on travels with the 50-200mm.  Now that would be useful in many scenarios (mainly for the extra 80mm).

But here is the thing : I already also own the ZD70-300mm.  In telephoto reach, that is nearly identical to the extended 50-200mm.  And the ZD70-300 is considerably slower at F3.5-F5.6 than the ZD50-200 with its F2.8-F3.5.  But most of that aperture difference gets cancelled out by the light loss through the extender.

So my main question is the following : how does the ZD50-200 with EC-14 compare optically and in terms of IQ, with the ZD70-300, both shot wide open?

Can anyone help me here with honest objective feedback?

(I understand that the comparison is not 100% correct, because I can also always use the ZD50-200 without extender and enjoy its great sharpness and IQ, and carrying the EC-14 is lighter than carrying the extra lens, but my debate is about the comparison in the 70-280 range, where I would pit the ZD50-200 WITH EC-14 against the ZD70-300 WITHOUT EC-14.)

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