Some more instructions/information would be handy ...

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Re: Some more instructions/information would be handy ...

- When and how can votes be changed? (Is it necessary to retract a vote first, or does revoting on the same photo update the vote to the most recent choice? Can you come back a couple of days later and change your votes?)

No, yes, yes. When you log back on, it should show you your current votes. Giving an image a higher (or lower) vote will automatically change it. This can be done multiple times...until the voting period ends, of course.

- Where is 'My votes' and what options does it offer? (I read about this on this forum, went to look for it in the challenge page, couldn't find it, and only by chance restumbled on the post that mentioned it)

- Suggestions of practical strategies for judging photos? (eg use of slideshow mode and review using My votes)

I almost never vote in challenges with more than 50 entries, since giving each image the time it deserves would take too long (from my perspective only, of course). I like looking at each image by clicking on the thumbnail, since this allows me to read the image's title and any info the photograph has included. But this process takes much longer, so we're all hoping that some year DP will allow us to see those details while in slideshow mode. I'd suggest voting quickly, going with your first instinct. If you want, then quickly review, seeing if you now (having seen all the entries) would change any previous score.

- When can comments be added to individual photos and when do they become visible?

I always thought comments immediately become visible to everyone else. Anyone? Is that incorrect?

In addition, a set of instructions would be a good place to encourage people to vote. I suspect many people haven't really thought this through and realised that by doing so they are contributing to making the challenges 'work'. (Also, in my own view, judging other people's work is a really good way of improving your own work, because you look at the images in a dispassionate way without all the information/feelings that you have that are not contained in the photo itself.)

Agreed. Learning how to critique other people's work is start to see general patterns of what does and does not work, and these lessons are definitely applicable to your own work. It's easy to like or dislike an's often much more challenging to figure out *why* you like or dislike something technical about an image.

Have fun in the challenges (both entering and voting)! Welcome to the jungle!

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