Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

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Re: Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

windsprite wrote:

Yes, I was also disappointed when the other thread was locked, because I wanted to point out to you that those aren't geese , they're red-crowned cranes.

As for the noise, I don't know yet if I will get a D7100, but I'm not worried about it. None of the camera manufacturers are particularly known for posting good samples. The images of the planes also have shadows, and they look fine. Not that there is no noise at all, but it's not nasty, and particularly if you use LR, probably you would never see it even at 100%.

We shall find out soon enough, when real-life users get the camera in hand.

The D7100 sure looks quite fine. I am surprised they put the same AF module of their D800 at this price tier.  I wonder which NIkon lens (a prime I guess) could resolve that reoslution


Rriley wrote:

first a little forethought please

I had some things to say in the thread you had going earlier, before you decided to close it

are we going to go through the same principle here, b/se I'd sooner not waste my time in a thread where my own ideas are not fully developed or contested by other users here


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