Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

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I was rather positive about the forsight of an E7 Dslr camera in your first thread, and I have no reason not to be. I mentioned that I believed the E5 had an artificial looking sharpness, which was part of the reason I eventually sold the camera. I also believe that the E7 will not have that "kind of a look", as I have developed quite a bit of trust In Sony's sensor making capabilities.

I.m.o. Olympus (over)stretched itself with getting the best (or trying to get the best) out of the E5, and I am still wondering if their ORF raw files do not have some treatment to get to the pixel sharpness they were trying to reach. Mostly I wondered about the amount of noise, even at iso 100/200. But mostly objectionable in birding at iso 400, when cropping. My E3 did better noise wise (RAW) at these lower iso settings.

I think a lot of the extra noise came from the permanent tonal window shift Olympus did starting with the E-30.  All ISO's staring at ISO 200 are what was before that iso but under exposed and re-developed back up.  This gives better highlights at the expense of shadows. Since the total DR of the E-5 is ballpark the same as the E-3, something has to give - the shadows.

When you get these very good lenses, like the zuikos, it is really down to a sensor that can handle the light gathering, like you say, a canvas of light. Well, the only thing at the heart of that is the sensor. If Olympus wants to appeal to áll their zuiko fans, they simply cannot afford to release cameras that only cater to those that don't really care about DR or sensor quality, or tonality or real resolution, but only care about good looking sharp and colorful jpegs. (being awfully black and white here, I know).

Olympus should release future (Dslr) cameras to an objective and state of the art standard, simply to cater to everyone. What made me averse to Olympus, was their promotion of the E5, without living up to a standard that can guarantee satisfying shooting experience with all users of their zuiko glass. I know they did not have any better at the time, other than the luke warm and dated panasonic second rate sensors, but now they do, and all that is necessary, is to put that sensor in a body that focusses the 4/3 lenses properly, and build the right circuitry around the sensor, to get the best out of it. Voila: E7.

I really think as long as it's not too much R&D there, I can see it.   But it's done as a marketing / support move at this point in my book, not to really attract new comers. But it would sure be a notable jump up from the E_5.

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