Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

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Hi Coll

CollBaxter wrote:

Olympus must Either do a No.1 or get off the pot as regards 4/3.

From our point of view this makes sense, but from Olympus's point of view, until accessory sales drop to 0 there is nothing gained by announcing their departure from 4/3rds.

In addition, I'm almost certain they really are trying hard to come up with a viable m4/3rds solution to 4/3rds lenses. I doubt they will make any final decision until these attempts are concluded one way or another.

For my type of photography I should probably not have got into Olympus , but 4/3 is usable with its limitations for what I do.

Unless I misunderstand your type of photography, I would disagree. One of 4/3rds best potential was a compact robust kit that had incredible reach. The fact that Oly never developed proper long lenses does not mean it was not possible. Many people, myself included, feel that Oly really shot themselves in the foot by stopping at 300mm.

Imagine a weather sealed compact f4 500mm lens combined with up-to-date sensor technology (the D300s has a similar DxO response as the EM-5 which dates the sensor technology) and a reliable fast focus system that was capable of competitive CAF. Oly drivers would have been laughing.

My point is that just because Oly didn't do it doesn't mean that 4/3rds didn't have the potential.

As an aside, the E400 with kit lenses is about the same size as the GH2 + kit lens. Oly was there years ago! They just screwed up in some critical areas.

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