Would you buy a used D600 with Battery Grip for $1500?

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Re: Moot Point....I missed out! ;-( No....if a thing looks too good..

Al Giordano wrote:

The joker who I made the deal with sold it to someone else before I could get there so I missed out on the deal.

I wonder if it was an Omen??? I guess I can wax philosophical.

You are probably wiser than I, but one thing I do knoiw for sure, is if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.

I think you avoided a wreck, why?

For the point above and second, you said it yourself 'the joker...' a bad deal situation says itall, if the deal process is sour, so is the deal, and further, he must really have wanted it off his hands, n'est pas?

And with no transferable Nikon warranty, that price is NOT that low, considering that the new disocunted deal with lens was roughly that anyway, that 2,000 including lens deal, say 300 off for lens = 1,700. That is the effective price Nikon were off loading them at.

No, you were darned lucky to avoid that one. I bought a used D300 recently. Would buy a used D700, D3, D4 (if I had the money), I would not touch a used D600 right now, not with a barge pole.

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.....Just from an amateur......''Sometimes it's to your advantage for people to think you're crazy.” I am only a hoobyist, I cannot and do not give expert advice, dont expect it, just take it as a suggestion to think about, but only if you wish to. We should try to not wait for life to happen, while it passes us by.

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