D300s vs D7100 - is it about spec or is it about handling?

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Re: D300s vs D7100 - is it about spec or is it about handling?

Kerry Pierce wrote:

Kris in CT wrote:

For me the D300 is an amazing camera and the only reason I would like to upgrade is high iso performance. I'm always shooting in crappy weather. If I could shoot at 1600-3200 with much lower noise levels I could consistently have higher shutter speeds, imperative for BIF with a slow consumer lens.

That's the bottom line for most of us that want a d400. We need better high ISO and DR. That's about it. I'd have been ecstatic if they'd have put the d5100 sensor into a d300 body.

Hi, I have to agree with the OP. I have had a D300s for two years and with one exception it remains a fantastic camera body. I have never used or have any inclination to use video. The exception is IQ at high ISO settings, which when introduced was as good as any around at the time, but which with technology advances is now lagging behind.  Would it not be great if one could have a sensor modular system inside a DSLR so we could just send the body to a Nikon Service Centre to upgrade that component every two years! Yes, the technophiles will tell me it cannot do for reasons x, y and z, yes the commercial people would say it would not be profitable for Nikon for a host of reasons, but for me it would be great - oh, and I would be more inclined to buy more lenses and accessories! A D300s with its AF, buffer, ergonomics and fast overall performance with an upgraded 16 or 24 MP sensor (I could even chose which one!) would be the bees knees! Now tell me I am unrealistic.

So, I am waiting patiently for a D400 in the hope it will remains a true, high performance stills camera with much better high ISO IQ and DR.  Interestingly, for a skiing holiday last year, when I wanted a much smaller and lighter body/lens combination, I bought a D5100 and with exception of sports it tends to be my camera of choice, because the IQ is in most cases better and progressively better as the ISO ladder climbs.

So I continue to wait for a D400.

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