Good camcorder for family use?

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Good camcorder for family use?

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

This is incorrect, or at least very misleading. You need one photosite from each of the three red, green and blue sensors to create a pixel, so the total number of pixels in the end result is still only 12.76M. Calling it a "38Mpixel" sensor is like claiming that a 16Mpixel DSLR has 64MPixels because each pixel is made up of red, blue and two green subpixels.

Before one starts correcting people, maybe ome ought to be more careful to make sure the ostensibly-correcting information is, in fact, correct. All of this "subpixel" stuff is wrong. No such. A conventional 16 MP DSLR has 4 MP of red pixels, 8 MP of green pixels, and 4 MP of blue pixels, interspersed in a grid.

Yes, you're right about the quantity of photosites - I erred in my example.  Thanks for the correction!

But my main point stands - it's wrong to claim that a 3-sensor camcorder which produces 12.76M image pixels is equivalent to a "38MPixel sensor".  What it's equivalent to is a 12.76M sensor with larger photosites.

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