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Re: Fuji's got one thing right — they guessed well our mindset.

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

Fuji's marketing and approach in delivering their entire X series is tailored exactly for nostalgic western mindset. In limelight of bad news and bad economy around the globe, they bring in a breath of the good ol' past. You buy their camera as an idea — it looks like retro, so part of your mind insists it must be proven because in our mind retro means "polished and works like a clockwork". Good olde times.

But in fact when you buy a camera itself, you get a product that is hardly ready for market. Fuji ha a few lenses made for contrast detection, for example, and that is a plus, but Fuji has zero bodies that work well with them. However, you believe that with all the future improvements it will eventually be as what's supposed to be.

That's a common problem with all other mirrorless offerings. They created smaller mounts and a few CDAF lenses, most of which are garbage, and everybody after using them for awhile asks and where can I get good lenses like those on my DSLR. And the answer, get that expensive big adapter, with limited functionality, and DSLR lenses barely work with it. Pentax did absolutely the right thing keeping the same mount, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, especially when they can never make it round. And nothing really stops Pentax from starting designing CDAF lenses, but better yet starting designing PDAF on a sensor so all great Pentax lenses could work as well as on DSLR.

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